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Fish Creek
Hot Springs

Fish Creek is the best hot springs in California, and there are several ways to hike in. Our first party starts at Lake Edison, crosses Silver Creek, and and drops down into Fish Valley from the West. After crossing Sharktooth Creek, and finding not a soul in sight, they quickly set up camp and head to the hot springs to soak their tired feet. A day later, our second party arrives cross country by way of Mammoth Pass. Both parties unite the next day and hike up Sharktooth Creek to Lost Keys Lakes. Outstanding views of the Silver Divide are had from an unamed peak above the lakes. The following day, the first crew head out the way they came in, but ditch the trail halfway back and follow Silver Creek up to it's source. They set up camp at 10,000 ft. with an outstanding view of the Cock's Comb. The next day they hike all day on snow and discover Arch Rock. The second crew depart the hot springs a day later and go 13 miles out in one day to Reds Meadow near Mammoth Mountain. Approximate running time: 25 minutes

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